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The types of TV sets are classified according to the main components used: tube TVs, transistor TVs, and integrated circuit TVs.

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  1. 1.Electronic tube television. The main circuit of this type of TV is composed of 18-20 electron tubes (vacuum tubes). Because the cathode of the electron tube needs to be heated to a certain degree to emit electrons, it enters the working state. Therefore, tube TVs consume a lot of power, the fluorescent screens are generally not large, and the whole machine is very heavy. Most of them are early products of TV sets, which have been eliminated.

2. Transistor TV. Transistor TV is also called discrete component TV. The main circuit of the whole machine is composed of more than 50 transistors and diodes. The circuit structure is complex and the failure rate is high. Maintenance and debugging are troublesome. With the advancement of electronic technology and product updates, such TV sets have also been eliminated.

3. Integrated circuit TV. The main circuit in the machine is integrated in one or several large-scale integrated circuits, and the functions are becoming more and more perfect to meet the needs of users in many aspects. Integrated circuit TVs can be divided into three types: four-chip, two-chip and single-chip.

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