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There are many types of household air conditioners, among which the common ones include wall-mounted air conditioners, cabinet air conditioners, window air conditioners and ceiling air conditioners.

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There are four types of air conditioners:

1. Wall-mounted air conditioner:

Wall-mounted air conditioners are widely welcomed by everyone, and the technology is constantly innovating. The ventilation function is the latest technology used in wall-mounted air conditioners to ensure that there is fresh air in the home, prevent the occurrence of air-conditioning diseases, and make it more comfortable and reasonable to use. In addition, quiet and energy-saving designs are also very important, allowing you to sleep peacefully until dawn. Some wall-mounted air conditioners have ultra-small outdoor units. If you plan to put the outdoor units on the balcony, this is also a good choice.

2. Cabinet type air conditioner:

To adjust the temperature in a large area, such as a large living room or a commercial place, the cabinet type air conditioner is most suitable. When choosing, you should pay attention to whether there is a negative ion sending function, because it can freshen the air and ensure health. However, some vertical cabinet air conditioners have a mode lock function, and the operation status is controlled by the owner. This is more useful for commercial places or families with children at home, and can avoid unnecessary damage. In addition, whether the air supply range is far enough and wide enough is also very important. The farthest air supply distance of the cabinet type air conditioner can be greater than 15 meters, and the wide-angle air supply can take into account a larger area.

3. Window air conditioner:

Easy to install, cheap, suitable for small rooms. When choosing, pay attention to its silent design, because the window machine is usually noisier than the split air conditioner, so it is better to choose a window machine close to the noise standard of the split air conditioner. In addition to the traditional window air conditioner, there are also novel styles, such as the color panel children's machine specially designed for children, with voice prompts, which are lively, practical and safe, and are also a good choice.

4. Ceiling air conditioner:

Innovative air-conditioning design concept, the indoor unit is hoisted on the ceiling, wide-angle air supply on all sides, rapid temperature adjustment, and will not affect the interior decoration.

Air conditioners can be classified according to their temperature adjustment conditions: single-cooling type: only used for refrigeration, suitable for areas with warmer summers or adequate heating in winter. Cold and warm type: with heating and cooling functions, suitable for hot summer and cold winter areas. Electric auxiliary heating type: The electric auxiliary heating function is generally only used for high-power cabinet air conditioners, and electric auxiliary heating components are added to the body to ensure strong heating in winter. However, it does not seem to be necessary in northern regions where heating is relatively sufficient in winter.

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