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The central air conditioning system is composed of one or more cold and heat source systems and multiple air conditioning systems. This system is different from traditional refrigerant air conditioners (such as a single unit, VRV) to centrally process air to meet comfort requirements. The principle of liquid vaporization refrigeration is used to provide the required cooling capacity for the air conditioning system to offset the cooling load of the indoor environment; the heating system provides the required heat for the air conditioning system to offset the heat load of the indoor environment.

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1. All-air system: The central air-conditioning system is processed by centralized air processing equipment (cooling or heating), and the processed air is sent to the room. This system is called an all-air system. Due to the centralized setting of air processing equipment, It is easy to maintain and manage, and is generally suitable for large space areas that require air conditioning, such as restaurants, banquet halls, shopping malls, etc.

2. All-water system: Each air-conditioned room is equipped with air treatment equipment, and at this time, it is necessary to send the low-temperature chilled water (or heating hot water) produced by the central refrigeration unit to each room. Generally used in occasions where there are many rooms and the usage time is different, such as hotel rooms, KTV, small meeting rooms, hotel private rooms, etc. Obviously, due to the large number of air treatment equipment, the difficulty of maintenance and management is increased. In addition, running water pipes indoors also increases the hidden dangers of water leakage and condensation. Full water and full air are equivalent to two opposite ways, one is reduced to zero, and the other is reduced to zero.

3. Air-water: between 1 and 2, that is, a full-air system is used for a large space, and a full-water system for a small room, which is highly flexible and is currently the most used central air-conditioning system. Such as chillers and fan coil systems, which are very common.

4. Refrigerant type: that is, the general split machine, multi-line (one tow multiple) and the like. The biggest difference from the general central air conditioner is that the cooling medium is a refrigerant (ie Freon) instead of water, which is generally used for households, and In small commercial occasions, the disadvantage is that more outdoor units affect the appearance, low efficiency, and affect the shape of indoor ceilings.

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