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At present, with the increasing improvement of people's living standards and the demand for high-quality living environment, most air conditioners are equipped with dehumidification function, but this is still different from the working principle of dehumidifiers. According to different environments, choose the corresponding The dehumidification method is the key to effectively adjust the environmental comfort.

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1. Indoor cooling or heating

In summer, the room temperature can be lowered to 24-28°C, and in winter, the room temperature can be raised to 18-22°C.

2. Adjust the speed of indoor airflow

Air conditioners are generally equipped with different wind speed gears, and the indoor airflow can be adjusted to a speed of 0.15~0.3m/s when the air conditioner is running.

3. Filter indoor air

Both outdoor fresh air and indoor circulating air must pass through the air filter on the air conditioner, which will filter out the dust in the air and keep the indoor air clean.

4. Adjust the air supply direction

The air outlet of the air conditioner is provided with a horizontal grille and a vertical grille. The horizontal grille is used to adjust the inclination angle of the air outlet. When cold wind is sent in summer, it is sent diagonally upward, and in winter, hot wind is sent diagonally downward. The vertical grille can be adjusted left and right to adjust the diffusion range and direction of the indoor airflow at any time.

5. Automatic washing function

When the air conditioner is in cooling or dehumidifying mode, the condenser of the air conditioner condenses the dirt on the evaporator into frost, then heats the frost into water, and drains the outdoor unit together with the dirt through the drain pipe, and finally uses the compressor to preheat Blow hot air to the indoor unit for three minutes to dry the evaporator, so that the air conditioner is kept in a very dry and clean state, and the air blown out is healthy.

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