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Air conditioning is a sign of the improvement of people's proficiency level. In the hot summer, the air conditioner adjusts the temperature to a comfortable room suitable for people to work, study, and talk. The mood is good, the rest is good, and the work efficiency is high. This is a social progress. milestone.

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1. Temperature adjustment

The purpose of temperature regulation is to keep the indoor air at a proper temperature. For the room temperature, it is generally appropriate to keep it at 25-27°C in summer, and 18-20°C in winter. Industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research, medical and health units determine the temperature value according to specific needs. The adjustment process of the air temperature is essentially to increase or decrease the sensible heat process of the air, and the level of the air temperature also expresses the amount of sensible heat of the air. To

2. Humidity adjustment

While maintaining the proper indoor temperature, there must also be proper indoor humidity. The relative humidity in summer is between 50%-60% and the relative humidity in winter is between 40%-50%. People feel more comfortable. The air humidity control process is essentially a process of increasing or decreasing the latent heat of the air, during which the content of water vapor in the air is adjusted. To

3. Air flow adjustment

The adjustment of temperature and humidity can only be achieved by air flow, so air flow adjustment cannot be ignored in air conditioning. Air flow adjustment and distribution directly affect the use effect of the air conditioning system. The return speed of the air conditioning room should not exceed 0.25m/ s. To

4. Air cleanliness adjustment

There are harmful gases and dust in the air to varying degrees, and they can easily enter the trachea, lungs and other organs with human breathing. These fine dusts often carry bacteria and spread various diseases. Therefore, it is very necessary to filter the air in the air conditioning process. Purification methods are: ventilation and filtration, adsorption, absorption and catalytic combustion. 

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