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In the process of using the refrigerator, pay attention to maintenance, which is of great significance to the preservation of food and the extension of the service life of the refrigerator. If used correctly and carefully maintained, refrigerators can generally be used continuously for 10-15 years without failure.

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1. The power supply voltage used by the refrigerator shall not exceed or fall below the range specified in the product manual (generally 190-230 volts). If the power supply voltage does not conform to the regulations, the stabilized power supply should be used for power supply, otherwise the workpiece will not work properly, which may damage the refrigerator.

2. When the refrigerator needs to be shut down for a short time, wait 3-5 minutes before turning on the power to start the motor. If the electric power machine is started continuously for many times, the excessive current in the starting winding will cause heat and beaker.

3. Strong acids, alkalis and other corrosive materials should not be placed in the refrigerator to avoid corrosion of the road. Items with a strong odor should be tightly packaged before being placed in the refrigerator to avoid contaminating other refrigerated items.

4. If the refrigerator is not used for a long time, it should be placed in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas room, avoid sunlight and close to heat sources, and must not store it in the open air.

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