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Different refrigerators have different working principles

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1. Absorption refrigerator

This kind of refrigerator is mainly powered by a heat source. Gas absorption refrigerators often use ammonia as a refrigerant, so that the evaporation conditions for liquid ammonia can be formed. At the same time, it also uses hydrogen as a diffusing agent, using ammonia, water and hydrogen. The mixed solution to complete the refrigeration work.

2. Compression refrigerator

This kind of refrigerator is provided by the electric motor with mechanical energy, and the compressor works on the refrigeration system. The refrigeration system is made by the principle of absorbing heat when evaporating and vaporizing refrigerant with a low boiling point.

3. Semiconductor refrigerator

The semiconductor refrigerator mainly uses semiconductor materials to produce the Peltier effect to work. It uses P-type semiconductors and N-type semiconductors to make galvanic couples. After direct energization, it will produce heat and heat at its nodes. The phenomenon of heat absorption, so as to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

4. Chemical refrigerator

Refrigerators that use certain chemicals to strongly absorb heat when dissolved in water to obtain a cooling effect.

5. Electromagnetic vibration refrigerator

It is a refrigerator that uses an electromagnetic vibrating machine as its original power to drive a compressor. Its principle and structure are basically the same as compression refrigerators.

6. Solar refrigerator

It is a refrigerator that uses solar energy as a cooling energy source.

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