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Everyone knows that sometimes the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator always likes to freeze. At this time, it may be that there is a problem with the temperature controller of your refrigerator. So, do you know how to solve this problem? The refrigerator solves the problem for us, so how do we solve the problem of the refrigerator?

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How to install the refrigerator thermostat-introduction to the thermostat

The refrigerator temperature controller is an electric switch that closes or breaks the circuit as the temperature rises and falls. It has a certain temperature adjustment range (refer to the basic parameters) and is equipped with a differential adjustment device. The user of the temperature controller can according to needs Among them, select the controlled temperature value and the appropriate differential value. The steam pressure type temperature controller is divided into: inflatable type, liquid-gas mixed type and liquid-filled type. The mechanical temperature controllers of household refrigerators are mainly based on this kind of temperature controllers.

How to install the refrigerator thermostat-installation and replacement method

Open the refrigerator and find the thermostat. Refrigerator thermostats are generally installed in the refrigerating room, and often together with the lighting in the refrigerator. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two fixing screws on the thermostat cover. Grasp the cover of the thermostat with your hand and pull it out to remove the cover. Remember not to use too much force to avoid breaking the connected wires. The inner end of the outer cover is fixed by the card slot, so don't push the outer cover inward or pull it down.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws that fix the thermostat, and then carefully unplug the four wire plugs connected to the thermostat (before unplugging, remember which color wire plug is plugged into the thermostat Which connector is on). Gently and slowly pull out the temperature control tube inserted in the inner wall of the refrigerator (the temperature control tube is generally tens of centimeters long), and then take out the entire temperature control.

Install a new thermostat: the installation steps are opposite to the steps of removing the old thermostat. First insert the temperature control tube into the inner wall of the refrigerator; then plug the 4 different color wire plugs into the corresponding connectors of the temperature controller; then use the screws to fix the temperature controller on the outer cover; push the end of the outer cover with the bayonet flatly In the card slot, the other end is fixed with screws. At this point, the installation is complete. Power on and test the machine, everything is normal, and the thermostat is replaced successfully.

Everyone enjoys the convenience of the refrigerator in their lives, but sometimes you should also do something for your own refrigerator. After all, every refrigerator may malfunction, as if people are sick.

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