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The smooth lines, simple composition and bright colors of the simple fabric sofa constitute the main theme of the sofa. It's not elegant or luxurious, but it's charming, fresh and lovely. It is impossible to become the main body of the living space, but it can be used to embellish the living space and produce the finishing touch. The shape of the sofa is various, and the materials of the sofa are also colorful. The sofa mainly uses modern industrial materials. According to the principle and technique of the main body composition, it is the design idea of developing a simple sofa, and change is the premise of innovation. Simple sofas decorate our lives.

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1. Modern minimalist style: The modern minimalist style is concise and lively, practical and generous. Because the "minimalist" philosophy of life prevails in today's popular culture.

2. Modern avant-garde style: Relying on new materials, new technologies and endless changes in light and shadow, pursuing unconventional space deconstruction, bold and contrasting color arrangements, and the combination of rigid and soft materials.

3. Elegance: The proprietors in the literary and educational circles have a soft spot for elegance. They emphasize taste, comfort and warmth, but they also require a relatively simple design style.

4. Neo-classical style: Neo-classical style. This style has the dual aesthetic effect of classic and modern. The perfect combination also allows people to get spiritual comfort while enjoying material civilization.

5. Mediterranean style: The characteristic of Mediterranean style is to pay attention to space collocation in combination, choose natural and soft colors, make full use of every inch of space, and integrate decoration and application.

The flexible combination of simple sofas makes the sofa more attractive in the home. The sofa is no longer an immutable "sitting", long and short, single and multi-seat sofa combination, single sofa combination growth sofa, corner sofa is replaced by "hard turning" to a certain extent, giving people more comfort And freedom.

Modern minimalist style sofas are more concise and brighter only when combined with matching furniture. At present, the modern sofa styles in the furniture market are mostly determined by the style and the selection of fabrics. The style is simple but not simple. There are corner types and combination types, which are suitable for public living rooms.

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