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According to the types of solid wood, solid wood sofas can be divided into beech, elm, ash, oak, pine, fir, Shenmu, camphor, etc. The most common domestic use is oak. Pine and fir are inferior. Fraxinus mandshurica, beech, and elm belong to the upper-middle range, and the mahogany series are the upper ones. The advantages of oak are corrosion resistance and high strength, but the disadvantage is that it is prone to deformation after one and a half years.

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Common tree species for solid wood sofas:

1. Red pine: light and soft material, moderate strength, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, good processing, coating, coloring, and cementation.

2. White pine: light and soft material, full of elasticity, fine and uniform structure, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, good processing, coating, coloring and cementation. White pine has higher strength than Korean pine.

3. Birch: the material is slightly heavier and harder, the structure is fine, the strength is large, the workability, the coating, and the adhesion are good.

4. Paulownia: The material is very light and soft, the structure is thick, the cutting surface is not smooth, the dryness is good, and it does not crack.

5. Basswood: The material is slightly lighter and softer, the structure is slightly thinner, with silky luster, not easy to crack, good processing, coating, coloring, cementation, corrosion resistance, and a little warping when dry.

6. Maple wood: moderate weight, fine structure, easy processing, smooth cutting surface, good coating and adhesion, and warping when drying.

7. Camphor wood: moderate weight, fine structure, aroma, not easy to deform when dry, good processing, coating, and adhesion

8. Willow: moderate material, slightly rough structure, easy to process, and good in bonding and finishing. Slight cracking and warping when dry. Plywood made of willow wood is called Philippine board.

9. Rosewood: hard material, good texture, medium structure, corrosion resistance, not easy to dry, smooth cutting surface, good finish and good adhesion.

10. Red sandalwood (mahogany): hard material, more grain, rough structure, strong durability, shiny, smooth cutting surface.

11. Walnut: Good material, smooth planed surface, corrosion resistance, not easy to warp, shiny, and excellent wood toughness.

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