What are the uses of the overall wardrobe components-Alice factory


Each component must have its own purpose. Existence is reasonable.

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1. Purpose of wooden trousers: put pants, towels, etc.;

2. The purpose of grid pumping: storage of socks, underwear, small sundries, etc.;

3. The purpose of the drawer: store socks, underwear, documents, small sundries, etc.;

4. The purpose of the metal trouser rack: put pants, towels, etc., the most convenient to put and take;

5. The purpose of Yitong: hanging clothes, pants, etc.;

6. The purpose of the top cabinet: store things that are not frequently used (quilt, seasonal clothes, etc.).

7. Purpose of fashion mirror: dress mirror, make-up, etc.;

8. The purpose of the laminate: store folded clothes, trousers, towels, etc.;

9. The purpose of the frame: store ties, belts, scarves, etc.;

10. The purpose of the main engine vehicle: the main engine of the computer;

11. The purpose of the keyboard stand: the keyboard stand of the computer, the small laptop, etc.;

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