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Maybe not everyone thinks the bedside table is important, but its role cannot be ignored. Because the bedside table not only can put things, but also can be used as an ornament, so that the style of the whole home has been improved. Of course, the placement of the bedside table should also be combined with the style of the entire room and some of your own preferences and habits.

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1. Plants

Plants are a good decorative item. Plants are indispensable in both the home environment and the office space. Of course, they can also be placed on the bedside table. It is recommended that you place some small green plants that do not bloom, such as green dill, aloe, etc. There is also the role of the essence of indoor air, and more green plants are also helpful to our eyesight. Some people prefer flowering plants, but flowers with a strong fragrance cannot be placed on the bedside. People who have been in contact for a long time will produce irritability and affect the quality of sleep; some friends who are allergic to pollen also Pay more attention.

2. table lamp

The bedside table lamp is a good choice. The bedside table exists to provide convenience for people, and the table lamp is the same. A small table lamp is placed on the bedside table to provide convenience for getting up at night. For some friends who read before going to bed, this method is more practical. A table lamp suitable for reading is placed on the bedside table, which is very convenient for reading. You don’t have to go to bed and turn off the light when you go to bed, especially when it arrives. This practicality will be more obvious in winter. In addition, many creative table lamps have very good decorative effects.

3. photos and alarm clock

Photo sets and alarm clocks are also a good answer to what is good on the bedside table. Photo sets are found in most families. Putting it on the bedside table is a very nice decoration, which can reflect the warm atmosphere of the family. Alarm clocks are also common items for us. Some wrought-iron style alarm clocks are very suitable for Nordic or modern bedroom environments. Alarm clocks are also a very practical thing and should be indispensable for office workers. Both the alarm clock and the photo display are small items. It is also good to put them together on the bedside table.

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