What are the drawers of the bedside table generally used for? -Alice factory


The bedside table is a small role in the bedroom furniture. It is left and right, willingly set off the bed, even its name is derived from the function of the supplementary bed.

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1. Books, pens, diaries. Lip balm, hand cream, nail clippers, handy books and diary magazines, cameras, snacks, cold medicine, abrasion medicine, star jars, small boxes for headwear, novels, tissues, photos, aromatherapy, chargers Etc.

2. Because the drawer at the bedside is very convenient to put in and take out, the first drawer usually puts some very commonly used things, such as cigarettes, toilet paper, etc.

The drawer below is not often taken, but it is also some commonly used things. In short, setting the items in the cabinet according to the frequency of use is a little helpful to life.

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