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The bedside table is usually waxed regularly, and only regular maintenance can keep it fresh.

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Vaseline oil, kerosene, alcohol, toilet water, strong tea, alum, water, rice soup, crayons, nail polish, toothpaste, rags, old newspapers;

Maintenance and cleaning methods:

1. The bedside table must be waxed regularly, and only regular maintenance can keep it fresh.

2. Place hot cups and plates directly on the paint surface of the furniture, otherwise it will leave a circle of burn marks. Usually you only need to wipe it with a rag moistened with kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or strong tea, or use iodine to wipe the scalding scar quietly or apply a layer of petroleum jelly, and then wipe the scald with a rag every two days. Eliminate.

3. The white bedside table at home is very easy to get dirty, and it is not easy to wipe off the stains with a rag. You might as well try squeezing toothpaste on a clean rag. Just a quiet wipe will remove the stains on the furniture. Don't use too much force, do not damage the paint.

4. When cracks appear on the wooden bedside table, you can cut the old newspaper into small pieces, add excess alum, boil it into a paste with water or rice soup, then insert it into the crack with a knife and smooth it out. It will be very strong after drying, and then coat it with With the same color of paint, the wood can be restored to its original appearance.

5. If the paint surface of the furniture is scratched and the wood is not touched, use crayons or paints of the same color as the furniture to paint on the wound surface of the furniture to cover the exposed background color, and then apply a thin layer of clear nail polish.

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