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The bedside table is an indispensable match for the bedroom in most families, and it can store and place the bedroom objects.

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Integrated bedside table

The integrated design of the bedside table and the bed does not take up any space. The integrated design of the bedside table and the wall is simple and timeless.

The integrated design of the bedside table and the closet makes the built-in closet more space-saving.

Trolley bedside table

Nowadays, some young people with ideas use a trolley as a bedside table. Easy to use, put it where you want it, not only can move, but also store small items, exquisite, lightweight, and high-value appearance. However, the editor of Baiyi’s family feels that from a strict point of view, a small stroller cannot be regarded as a bedside table, but this does not hinder its storage properties. Compared with a fixed bedside table, it is more flexible and can also show its personality.

Chair bench bedside table

The exquisite and small round stool is very stylish and adds a lot of color to the space. But the storage function is relatively weak, only a few commonly used compact items can be placed.

Side table

The light and refreshing side table can also be used as a bedside table. It has simple storage and has a higher appearance. It is also a good scenery to put on the bedside.

Shelves/hanging bedside cabinets

This type of bedside table is more suitable for small-sized bedrooms. If some bedroom space cannot fit the bedside table, you can choose between these two methods. You can store things by nailing to the wall, which is convenient and does not take up space.

Shelf bedside table

The storage function of the shelf is relatively powerful, and items can be placed in layers, regardless of whether books, green plants or other small objects can be sorted and placed.

Wrought iron storage basket bedside table

The iron storage basket is also good for use as a bedside table. It has a relatively high appearance and has a simple storage function. The editor of Baiyi's family thinks that it is also very creative to use it as a bedside table.

Box bedside table

As a bedside table, the box has a retro feel, especially the box with a sense of age. It is better to use it as a bedside table instead of putting it on waste. It is beautiful and practical, and full of artistic feeling.

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