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The bedside table is an indispensable match for the bedroom in most families, and it can store and place the bedroom objects.

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Crystal door handle

The crystal handle of the bedside table is always the icing on the cake and injects elegance into the bedroom. It is as good as a pocket flower arrangement container. Insert a beautiful pink cherry blossom, that gesture is like a fairy in a garden dancing in a pink dress.

Color flat cup

A small wide-mouth glass or a cup for drinking orange juice is suitable for picking a fresh bouquet. The fragrant white candle sunflower and the fragrant snowball with small yellow flowers set off the arched branches of pink and white purse peony. The whole bouquet is shaped Plump and tension.

Antique vial

White and purple grape hyacinths with purple marmoset flowers and the delicate leaves of purse peony form this flower arrangement made of vintage ink bottles. The short ink bottle has a narrow neck and just fits a thin stem. No need to put flower mud or use tape to fix the flower branches.

Mini jug

One or two containers for making pocket bouquets may also be picked from the toys that the children have played with. For example, this mini glass jug with a height of only 4cm was once a game prop for children. Now it is perfect for displaying the petite blue forget-me-not, creeping phlox, grape hyacinth and pansies.

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