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Home decoration is indeed a science. For those who have experienced decoration for the first time, they should know more about it, read more decoration cases, sum up experience, and apply what they have learned.

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1. From the perspective of feng shui, the number of bedside cabinets is best to be two, and they should be placed on the left and right sides of the bed, so as to stabilize the aura of the bed. In addition, placing two bedside tables in the bedroom means being in a pair, which is conducive to promoting the relationship between husband and wife, and of course, it can also improve career luck and wealth.

2. From the aesthetic point of view, if there is only one bedside table, it will be a bit monotonous; and if the number of bedside tables is two, the layout of the entire bedroom can be more coordinated.

3. From the perspective of the size of the bedroom, if it is in a large bedroom, the number of bedside tables is best to be two; if it is in a small bedroom, only one bedside table can be placed, and the other side of the bed needs to be next to the wall It can save a lot of space and make the small bedroom more spacious and bright.

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