What are the advantages and disadvantages of custom furniture? -Alice factory


Customized furniture refers to customized furniture configuration according to personal preferences and space details, and each customized product can be unique.

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1. High degree of design freedom and small restrictions

There is no doubt about this, custom furniture can almost complete your requirements for any size, shape, and material.

2. Strong autonomy and more flexible design

Ability to monitor the use of materials and control the quality in the production process, so custom-made furniture usually has better durability.

3. Multifunctional design

For example, the case of custom furniture that I often do is the design of children's rooms. Usually the children's room is not very large, and a lot of space can be saved by customizing the integrated bed and desk, and the whole room is very integrated.

4. Demonstrate unique personality

It greatly meets the individual pursuit of different consumers for home style. Through the communication and communication between designers and consumers, it further meets the actual needs of customers and promotes product updates.


1. Before the finished product is actually made, it is difficult to grasp what it looks like, because there is no finished product without a template, and everything depends on the designer's drawings and experience.

2. Customized furniture requires a certain production cycle.

Alice's signs are flat in workmanship and strong in three-dimensionality. They are a common surface treatment process and have a wide range of applications. For example, signs can be used in audio, household appliances, refrigerators, computers, and security products.

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