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Elegance never goes out of style.

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Minotti was born in 1949 and is a highly-recognized furniture brand in the world. Minotti furniture is elegant and fashionable. It is not limited to style or follow the trend. While creating furniture, it pays more attention to the overall space design and the creation of atmosphere, which is extremely elegant. For many furniture brands, the tasteful furniture that also has a luxurious texture is armani casa. Minotti furniture contrasts with Armani furniture, making elegance a part of life.

Armani casa, a high-end luxury furniture brand, was born in the mid-1980s. It follows the fashion genes of the top luxury armani. Since its establishment, it has inherited aristocratic blood. With its unique style, it has become more and more popular among fashionable upstarts. Its design style While adhering to the consistent concept of simplicity, we strive to seek self and individual independence in the complex urban life.

SYDNEY sofa adopts the new NANJING series fabric, which was exclusively cooperated by armani casa and Venice century-old fabric manufacturer RUBELLI in 2018. The embellishment of bamboo and dragonflies shows the deep heritage of oriental culture. The contrasting red and green colors also have the beauty of ancient Chinese tunes.

The design of the NORIGAMI coffee table is inspired by the art of origami. The coffee table is a combination of square and irregular quadrilateral. Two independent coffee tables can be joined together to escape the traditional table style. It also demonstrates the symmetry and oriental pursuit of armani casa. Aesthetics.

Armani casa is innovative in terms of material and surface treatment. Net's coffee side table places special emphasis on light material and minimalist structure. It is made of transparent acrylic glass and walnut blocks of the same specification. The strong contrast makes the wooden blocks stand out. It seems to be floating in the air, creating a light suspension effect.

The design of the NATHAN long dining table is inspired by the MATRIX series console table launched in 2017. The dining table is composed of a 1 cm thick ultra-thin table top and triangular metal legs. The dining table is simple in shape and elegant in lines.

The design style of each furniture brand is different, and the meaning of the trademark LOGO designed by each furniture brand is even different. Alice is a professional furniture nameplate manufacturer, and can tailor-made personal nameplates. If you want to customize one of your own Trademark LOGO, it is definitely a good choice to find Alice for customization.

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