What are the furniture brands in China? -Alice factory


Furniture is constantly developing and innovating in the footsteps of the times. Up to now, there are many brands, different materials, complete varieties, and different uses.

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  1. 1.Qumei is an early-developed furniture brand in mainland China. It was founded in 1987 and has been in development for 30 years. It is now a very standardized large-scale furniture group and a green and healthy furniture manufacturer. . Qumei is also a furniture brand that many friends don’t want to miss. Qumei mainly produces all kinds of modern furniture. The products are all European and American original designs. How can friends who like unique style furniture miss it? 

  2. 2. RED APPLE furniture is also very popular in modern families. It is a furniture brand that many friends have heard of. It is a brand product developed in Hong Kong, China. It is quite popular in high-end panel furniture and various sofas. Achievement, is one of the high-end furniture brands in Mainland China.

  3. 3. OPPEIN furniture, OPPEIN furniture integrates all high-quality categories together, allowing customers to have a larger living space, a more comfortable living experience, and a better living environment, bringing customers one The convenient and convenient service has since bid farewell to decoration phobia.

  4. 4. Royal, Hong Kong Royal Furniture is believed to be well-known by many people. The company is one of the largest panel furniture manufacturers in China's domestic real estate sales. As a Hong Kong listed company, its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions. I believe that friends who have bought Dynasty furniture will have an opinion on its quality and various aspects. Understand, its strength is quite strong.

  5. 5. Shuangye Furniture: Shuangye is a subsidiary of Shuangye Furniture Industry Co., Ltd., which was first established in 1995 and reorganized two years later. It is a modern large-scale enterprise specialized in solid wood furniture manufacturing. It is also one of the largest companies in China's solid wood furniture manufacturing industry.

  6. There are many furniture brands, which can make people remember this brand from the beginning. Then it is its trademark LOGO. As long as they see it belongs to its trademark LOGO, people will remember which furniture brand it is. We (Alice) are a professional nameplate manufacturer, we can produce zinc alloy, aluminum, copper, brass, pvc. Our signs and nameplates are mainly used in the furniture industry, home appliance industry, machinery industry, etc., and at the same time, we are also the supplier of Oupai, and we have a long-term cooperation with Oupai.


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